Language for Tajikistan

What is Tajik?

Tajik, also known as Tajik Persian or Tajiki is a variant of the Persian language. Tajik speakers have no problems communicating with Persian speakers from Iran and Dari speakers from Afghanistan. Although to most Iranians, the Tajik version or Persian uses several older words that are no longer used in modern Persian.

Tajik is one of the two official languages of Tajikistan, alongside Russian.

Tajik is also spoken by a large minority in Uzbekistan, especially in the cities of Bukhara and Samarkand where native Tajik speakers make up a majority of the population. Tajik is also the majority language in much of northern Afghanistan, where Tajikistan shares a border.

What writing system/script do they use in Tajikistan?

Tajik Persian is still written completely in their version of the Cyrillic alphabet, and there’s still no real indication that that’s going to change any time soon. If they were to eventually switch, and there have been vague discussions about it so it may happen at some point, it would likely be to a Persian script, as opposed to the Latin alphabets that the Turkic languages use.

The Tajik Cyrillic script is very similar to Russian, with all the same letters plus 6 extra letters for specifically Tajik sounds. The Tajik Cyrillic alphabet was introduced in 1939. Between 1928 and 1939 Tajik was written in Latin letters and before 1928 it was written in Persian script.

Status of Russian

The other official language in Tajikistan is Russian. While Tajik is the official language of the nation, Russian is the official interethnic language and is recognised in the constitution as such. This is a familiar sight in several of the former Soviet countries wishing to maintain social cohesion and harmony between the different ethnic groups. Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan both also have Russian in their constitution as a language of interethnic communication.

During the Soviet Union, Russian was the primary language taught in schools and universities. Tajik was spoken mainly at home and in more rural areas. Until recently the ruling classes and educated elite still preferred Russian over the Tajik language, however this has changed considerably in recent times.

Young Tajikistanis are increasingly shunning Russian in preference for European languages, especially English. However, considering most job prospects for Tajikistanis are in Russia, and more than 20% of the population of Tajikistan is working in Russia at any one time, Russian is here to stay. Because of its Soviet history, relations with neighbours and economic realities, approximately 90% of Tajikistanis speak Russian.

Other languages

Other than Tajik and Russian, Uzbek is the next most widely spoken language in Tajikistan. Along the Uzbek border in western and northern Tajikistan reside a significant Uzbek speaking minority. After Tajik, Russian and Uzbek comes the much smaller languages such as the Pamir languages, and Kyrgyz. There are also small numbers of migrants from Soviet times meaning there are small communities of Kazakhs, Armenians, Azeris, Belarussians, Ukrainians, Tatars and Turkmen just to name a few.

English language in Tajikistan

English on the whole is fairly uncommon in Tajikistan. Most people you will come across will know a few phrases or words, however not many will be able to have conversations with you. This is especially the case when travelling to more rural areas. Younger Tajiks are more likely to speak English. Those who speak English will usually be the ones who have been to university and had the opportunity to travel abroad. Most importantly, Tajiks will usually be very happy to play a game of charades in order to communicate with you and non-language communication will still raise a lot of smiles.

Some useful phrases in Tajik


тоҷики (Tajik)


Хуш омадед (Huš omaded)
Хуш омадӣ (Huš omadī)

Hello (General greeting)

Ассалому алейкум (Assalomu alejkym)
Ва алайкум ассалом (Valajkum assalom) - reply
Салом (Salom) - inf

Hello (on phone)

How are you?

Шумо чи xeл? (Šymo či xel?)
Чӣ ҳол доред?(Čī ḩol doried?)

Reply to 'How are you?'

Нағз, рахмат, шумо чӣ?
(Naġz, ramat, šumo čī?)
Хуб, ташаккур, шумо чӣ?
(Xub, tašakkur, šumo čī?)

What's your name?

Hоми шумо чист? (Nomi šumo čist?) - frm
Hоми ту чист? (Nomi tu čist?) - inf

My name is ...

Номи ман ... (Nomi man ...)

Where are you from?

Шумо зодаи кучо хастед?
(Šumo zodai kučo hasted?)

I'm from ...

Ман аз ... хастам
(Man az ... hastam)

Pleased to meet you

Aз вохуриамон шод ҳастам
(Az voxuriamon šod ḩastam)
Аз шиносои бо шумо шодам
(Az šinosoi bo šumo šodam)

Good morning

Cyбҳ ба xaйр. (Subḩ ba xajr)

Good afternoon

Рӯз ба хайр! (Rūz ba xajr!)

Good evening

Шаб ба хайр (Šab ba xajr)

Good night

Шаб ба хайр (Šab ba xajr)
Шаби хуш (Šabi xuš)
Хоби ширин (Xobi širin)

(Parting phrases)

Хайр! (Xajr!)
Сихату саломат боши (Sixatu salomat boši) - inf
То дидан!(To didan) - see you later
Саломат бошед (Salomat bošed) - be healthy

Good luck!

Барори кор! (Barori kor!)
Бароятон муваффакият! (Baroâton muvaffakiât!)

Cheers! Good Health!
( Toasts used when drinking )

Have a nice day

Рӯзи хуш! (Rūzi xuš)

Bon appetit /
Have a nice meal

Нуши чон! (Nuši čon!) - enjoy!

Bon voyage /
Have a good journey

Сафари хуб дошта бошед!
(Safari hub došta bošed!)


Ҳa (Ḩa)
Бале (Bale)


Не (Ne)


Шояд (Šoâd)

I don't know

Ман намедонам (Man namedonam)

I understand

Мефаҳмам (Mefaḩmam)

I don't understand

Нафаҳмидам (Nafaḩmidam)
Ман нaмефаҳмам (Man namefaḩmam)
Ман нафаҳмидам (Man nafaḩmidam)

Please speak more slowly

Илтимос, охиста гап занед
(Iltimos, ohista gap zaned)
Оҳистатар гап зан
(Oḩistatar gap zan)

Please say that again

Илтимос, такрор кунед
(Iltimos, takror kuned)

Please write it down

Do you speak English?

Шумо бо забони Англисӣ гап мезанед?
(Šumo bo zaboni Anglisī gap mezaned?)
Шумо забони Англисиро медонед?
(Šumo zaboni Anglisiro medoned?)

Do you speak Tajik?

Шумо Тоҷикӣ гап мезанед?
(Šumo Toçikī gap mezaned?)
Шумо забони Тоҷикиро медонед?
(Šumo zaboni Toçikiro medoned?)

Yes, a little
( reply to 'Do you speak ...?' )

Камтар (Kamtar)

Speak to me in Tajik

How do you say ... in Tajik?

Ба тоҷики чи мешавад?
(Ba tojiki či mešavad)

Excuse me

Meбaxшeд (Mebaxšed) - getting attention
Бубахшед (Bubaxšed) - begging pardon

How much is this?

Ин чанд пул меистад? (Jan čand pul mieistad?)


Мебахшед (Mebaxšed)


Лутфан (Lutfan)
Илтимос (Iltimos)

Thank you

Рахмат (Raxmat)
Ташаккур (Tašakkyr)
Ташаккури зиёд! (Tašakkuri ziëd!)

Reply to thank you

Саломат бошед (Salomat bošed)

Where's the toilet / bathroom?

Ҳочатхона кани? (Ḩočatxona kani?)

This gentleman will pay for everything

This lady will pay for everything

Would you like to dance with me?

Do you come here often?

I miss you

I love you

Ман шумор дуст медорам
(Man šumor dust medoram)

Get well soon

Go away!

Leave me alone!


Ёри диҳед!
(Ëri diḩed!)
Ёрӣ! (Ërī!)

Birthday greetings

Таваллудатон муборак (Tavalludaton muborak)
Зодруз муборак (Zodruz muborak)


Табрикот! (Tabrikot!)
































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