FAQ about North Korea (DPRK)

Is it safe?

Yes! In fact, for crime North Korea is one of the safest places in the world. There are rules you have to follow while in the country, however it is very easy to follow these. It is almost impossible that you will be robbed be involved in any type of crime in Korea. You will also be expected to attend a briefing prior to your journey to North Korea so that you are aware of the regulations to follow.

One thing you must abide by in North Korea are their strict lese-majesty laws which prohibit the negative discussion of the leaders or ruling party. This is extremely strict and must be followed while in the country.

Who can travel to North Korea?

Travel to North Korea is available to anyone not traveling on a US or South Korean passport.

You can still travel to North Korea if you have been to South Korea, were born in South Korea and gained a second citizenship or if you are an expat currently based in South Korea.

US citizens have been banned from entering North Korea by the US state department, however if you have a second passport, travel to the country is still possible.

Does traveling to North Korea restrict my future travel?

In short, no. You can travel to South Korea, Japan and the United States without issue after travelling to North Korea. However, if you are planning on using the ESTA visa-waiver program for the USA then travel to North Korea will make you ineligible and you will have to apply for a normal B2-tourist visa for future travel to the USA.

Can I explore by myself in North Korea?

No. While on tour in North Korea you will be accompanied by two North Korean guides at all time. It is their responsibility to take care of you and so you must follow as they say.

Can I blog about my time in North Korea?

Yes, uploading photos to social media or writing blogs about your trip to North Korea is fine. However, there are stipulations within our travel agreement that must be followed.

How much money should I bring to North Korea?

Your main expenses in the country will be gifts and entertainment and alcohol. Souvenirs can range widely in prices from small items such as magnets and flags which can be around 10-20 RMB while some more expensive pieces or art or books can be much more expensive at over 1000 RMB.

A beer will cost you around 15-20 RMB at a hotel or restaurant and a packet of cigarettes will be around 5-10RMB.

If you partake in entertainment in the hotel such as bowling, billiards, or ping pong you will also be required to pay a small amount per person usually around 10RMB (however this varies between different hotels and activities so best to ask how much it is before you play).

It is always best to bring in more cash to North Korea than you expect to use as there is no way for you to get more money once you are in the country. It is also useful to try have as many small notes as possible as breaking large bills of any currency can be quite difficult.

It is also strongly encouraged to tip your North Korean guides, so please factor this into your spending.

Is North Korea ok for Vegetarians or Vegans?

While there are some options for vegetarians, vegans will have limited options while in the country. Koreans love meat and will generally not understand veganism, so if you are a strict vegan we recommend to bring some snacks, especially if you don’t like rice or fruit.

Is there anything I can’t bring to North Korea?

Yes, any literature that talks about South Korea such as guidebooks are not allowed. Religious material is also not allowed to be brought into the country so please do not attempt to smuggle this in.

Drones, satellite phones and pornographic materials are strictly banned and will be confiscated at the border.

You can bring in electronic equipment to North Korea such as iPad, phones, laptops and cameras. However please remember that the border guards have the right to search all of your equipment including your memory cards for any items that may be considered sensitive such as pornography or media that negatively depicts North Korea.

GPS equipment is also not allowed, however this does not related to items with built-in GPS such as smart phones or smart watches.



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