Flights to Afghanistan

Ben Crowley
Jan. 8, 2023

Over the previous 20 years the network of destinations you could fly to Afghanistan from was slowly increasing. Then COVID-19 hit which completely stopped international travel to Afghanistan for a couple of months, then as it was restarting, the Taliban successfully took Kabul, plunging the country in to chaos with international companies, including airlines, pulling out.

In the time since the Taliban has governed Afghanistan for the second time, flights have resumed, however there are only a few routes and it’s not as easy as before to find these flights. Here is our guide of flights to and from Afghanistan.

Kabul International Airport

Kabul is the main entry into Afghanistan and most people entering or exiting will go through Kabul Airport. Here are all the airlines that offer these flights:

To/From India

Dehli Spicejet Can be booked on most international booking sites or their own website.

Kamair Once per week on Wednesdays.

To/From Iran

Tehran Kam Air, Kish Air, Mahan Air and Ariana Afghanistan Between the airlines there are daily flights. Kish Air and Mahan Air are based in Iran though, so buying tickets for these airlines can be difficult.
Mashhad Kish Air, Mahan Air and Ariana Afghanistan

To/From Kuwait

Kuwait City Kam Air Once per week on Thursdays.

To/From Qatar

Doha Ariana Afghanistan

To/From Pakistan

Islamabad Kam Air Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

To/From Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Kam Air Despite suggesting online that there are flights from Medina, the only flights are currently from Jeddah. Flights from Kabul to Jeddah are every day except Saturday, and Jeddah to Kabul are every day except Sunday.

To/From Tajikistan


Normally there are flights to and from Dushanbe, however they are currently cancelled.

To/From Turkey

Ankara Kam Air Flights to Kabul every second Friday and to Ankara every second Thursday.
Istanbul Kam Air Flights every Friday.

To/From the UAE

Abu Dhabi Kam Air
Dubai Ariana and Kam Air

Both fly every day.

To/From Uzbekistan

Tashkent Kam Air Flights each Saturday.

Mazar i Sharif International Airport

Mazar i Sharif used to offer many international services including Turkish Airlines. At the time of writing the only international flights are to Iranian destinations. Kam Air flies to Tehran while Iranian airline Mahan Air flies to Mashhad and Tehran. You can book Kam Air on international booking websites as well as their own website ( Mahan Air, being Iranian, is more difficult to book. You can find out more on their website (

Kandahar International Airport

The only international flights to and from Kandahar are to the Iranian city of Mashhad. Two airlines operate these flights – Kish Air ( and Mahan Air ( As these are Iranian airlines you will not find them on many international booking websites. Several companies do offer online booking for Iranian airlines, or you can book directly with them airlines themselves.

Herat International Airport

There used to be international flights to and from Herat, however at the time of writing the only flights from Herat International Airport are to and from Kabul.

Ben Crowley

Ben Crowley

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