Algeria Winter Tour

Dec 7, 2025
Dec 12, 2025
6 days


This tour is your introduction to Africa's largest country and one of the most exciting countries in Northern Africa. Algeria, which has previously been difficult to travel to is now open for exploring! Our winter tour will take you through the French and Ottoman-inspired streets of Algiers, across the epic bridges of Constantine, and through the historical Roman ruins of Tipaza and Timgad. Of course, no trip to Algeria would be complete without a visit to the Sahara, so we will venture right down south to Tamanrasset which is in the heartland of the Tuareg peoples.

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It is also preceded by our Libya Winter Tour .

Constantine, Arch of triumph, algeria
Ghardaia, algeria, sahara city

If you like the look of this tour but the dates don't work for you, or you'd like to do part of the tour, please get in touch and let us know. All our tours are able to be split into smaller sections, we're always scheduling new tours and your dates might work for one of them, or we can always organise an independent tour.


Letter of Embarkation for Algeria

Accommodation in twin share at roughly 3 star hotels, breakfast included, except when other accommodation is mentioned in itinerary

Transport as per itinerary

Entrance fees to sites (as per itinerary)

SAIGA guide and local guides



Visa fees if necessary

Meals other than breakfast

Transport to and from the start and end of tour

Personal expenses such as souvenirs or any optional activities

Any COVID related expenses

Ghardaia, sahara, algeria


Explore the amazing streets of Algiers and get lost in the Algiers Kasbah

Visit the huge Roman ruin sites of Timgad and Tipaza

Journey into the heart of the Sahara and visit the epic Ahaggar National Park

Traverse the beautiful bridges of Constantine

*A note about pricing: whilst most of our tours are priced and paid for in USD, EUR is king in North Africa, so it makes much more logical sense to price everything in and receive Euros for our North Africa tours.

Day 1Sun Dec 7
  • Today we will explore the vibrant Algerian capital of Algiers.
  • We begin the day with a walk through the botanical gardens of Algiers (which is surprisingly large). This is the site of the filming of the original 1923 Tarzan movie.
  • We continue on to visit the amazing architecture of the Martyrs monuments which is one of the most famous symbols of Algeria. The monument was opening in 1982 celebrating 20 years of independence.
  • In the afternoon, we will head to the oldest part of Algiers to the kasbah where we will navigate through the windy streets and learn about the different histories from Arab, Amazigh, to Ottoman and French.
  • In the evening, we will have free time for dinner where we can explore one of Algiers many amazing restaurants and maybe even stop in a brasserie for a beer!
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Day 2Mon Dec 8
  • In the morning, we will fly to Constantine also known as the city of bridges.
  • We will spend the day exploring the amazing beauty of this city by visiting many different viewpoints both above and below the bridges of the city. The city is built on a massive rock and has seven bridges built during different periods that span a massive chasm that cuts through the city.
  • We will have time to walk through the city and explore the streets of Constantine. We will also get a chance to sample djouzia, which is a famous desert from Constantine.
  • Free time in the evening.
  • Overnight in Constantine.
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Day 3Tue Dec 9
Timgad, Tamanrasset
  • In the morning, we will make the 2.5 hours drive to Timgad the premier Roman ruin site in Algeria. Whether you’re a history buff or not this place is absolutely incredible and showcases some amazing Roman architecture and some of the best-preserved mosaics from the Roman Empire.
  • We will have lunch in Timgad before heading back towards Constantine, where we can relax before heading to the airport.
  • In the evening, we will have a flight to Tamanrasset which is located in the very south of the country in the heart of the Sahara.
  • We will check into our hotel once we arrive and overnight in Tamanrasset.
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Day 4Wed Dec 10
Tamanrasset (Sahara desert)
  • Today we will explore the Sahara and visit the nearby Ahaggar National Park.
  • We will spend the day driving through spectacular landscapes and experiencing true desert Tuareg culture.
  • Highlights will include places such as Mount Tahat in the Assekrem region of the national park which has peaks that rise to almost 3000m out of the desert.
  • Overnight in Tamanrasset.
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Day 5Thu Dec 11
Tamanrasset, Tipaza
  • In the morning, we will fly back to Algiers and then head to the beautiful coastal Roman ruins in Tipaza. These ruins are located on the Mediterranean coast amongst pine trees with many seafood restaurants nearby.
  • We will stop at a local restaurant where we can sample the delicious seafood this area has to offer.
  • Later on, we will head to the Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania. This doesn’t actually have anything to do with modern day Mauretania but rather refers to a kingdom that existed in the area beforehand. This is also the resting place of Cleopatra Selene II who is the daughter of Cleopatra and Mark Antony.
  • Afterwards, we will return to Algiers for a free evening.
  • Overnight in Algiers.
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Day 6Fri Dec 12
Algiers, End of Tour
  • End of tour.
  • We will assist in arranging a transfer to the airport for onward travel. If you would like to see more of the country let us know and we can arrange a private extension for you.
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